Divided We Fall (3-Day Event)

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Mark Cook – Click here for Slide Deck, Click here for HandCountRoadshow.org


This was a 3-day event to focus on how WE can make sure that we have fair elections in Georgia. This election year is too important and we must come together to make sure that we have integrity in our election ecosystems. Come find out what you don’t know about the mechanisms being used against us to manipulate and control and the solutions we can incorporate in Georgia in the upcoming elections and in the future.


Apr 26 - 28 2024




Holiday Event Centers
5370 Stone Mountain Hwy, Stone Mountain, GA 30087


  • Boone Cutler
    Boone Cutler
    Iraq vet & Warfighter advocate. Champion of veteran's rights. Co-author of "Citizen's Guide to 5GW" with Gen. Michael T. Flynn.

    How many of you have been ostracized by family members, employers and long-time friends? How many opportunities have you lost because of polarization? Have you tribalized your associations and the area you live, do you dehumanize others and believe others are doing the same to you? Are you more afraid now than you used to be? In this episode we sit down with former Psychological Operations Team Sergeant, U.S. Army Veteran Boone Cutler and discuss what everyone is feeling and why your neighbor is not your enemy.

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook
    Cyber-Security and Election Systems Expert Witness

    His areas of expertise currently include day-to-day IT management, training, technical direction, project management, network architecture, network design, database design and administration, network and cyber-security, system virtualization, forensics and data recovery, penetration testing, software development, wireless architecture and optimization, security, surveillance system design and installation, embedded systems design, installation, diagnosis, and optimization. Mark’s specialty is in diagnosing complex systems and specializing in root cause analysis. After being offered the opportunity to be one of the first outsiders to examine the forensic images of one of our Nation’s trusted voting systems, Mark has has since made this his entire focus dedicated to applying these skills to delve into our entire election ecosystem to determine problems, risks, and what can be done to both mitigate and improve our systems so that citizen trust in them can be earned rather than forced.

    Mark founded the HandCountRoadShow.org and has devoted his life to traveling the country County by County bringing knowledge and realistic common sense solutions directly to his fellow citizens and officials.

  • Bishop Leon Benjamin
    Bishop Leon Benjamin
    Senior pastor and bishop of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, VA

    The New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, VA, is a multicultural non-denominational church. Affirmed and ordained by Bishop T.D. Jakes in 2004 and continues to be mentored by him. Bishop Benjamin ministers to inner city youth thru daycare, and before and after school programs.

    Gulf War veteran

    Founder of CLU, Coalition of Leaders United, advancing conservative values and restoration of moral clarity in America.

    Graduated from Huguenot High, educated at University of Virginia and Virginia Union for a degree in engineering.

    He is also a Business Coach, providing a mentoring programs for entrepreneurs developing products and services to people for profit.

    Played a vital role to a past U.S. President in a group 20 to 30 evangelical leaders advising our President.

    Married to Maria who is his co-pastor, an accomplished musician who founded Woman of Power Ministries.

  • Patrick Byrne
    Patrick Byrne
    Chief Executive Officer, The America Project

    Dr. Patrick Byrne is a true American Patriot and the embodiment of the American Dream. He is the Founder and former CEO of Overstock.com. Prior to building a $2 billion dollar enterprise, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies from Dartmouth, a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Cambridge (as a Marshall Scholar), and a PhD in Philosophy from Stanford University. Dr. Byrne was named National Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. The 20 years as a CEO and E-Commerce pioneer were ones of toil, sweat, David vs. Goliath matches, and innovative breakthroughs. In 2004, Patrick and the oligarchy got crosswise, and they have been at odds ever since. Dr. Byrne believes the oligarchy has two wings, Wall Street, and the Deep State, and that he has them surrounded. Patrick fully devotes his time, resources and uncommon leadership helping to save this great Nation.
    Patrick Byrne is a Libertarian who believes Election 2020 was rigged, and that the results should be objectionable to every person who believes, “just government derives its power from the consent of the governed.”

  • Jerone Davison
    Jerone Davison
    👨‍👧‍👦Father, 🙏Pastor, 📖Author, 🎤Speaker 🏈 Former NFL+#ASU 🏈 Player, 🇺🇸Congressional Candidate #AZCD4

    Jerone is a former Arizona State University student athlete and NFL player who travels the country sharing inspiration, passion, and faith. His unifying speeches full of truth, faith, and freedom of this country are memorable and moving.

    He spent his childhood growing up in the deep south in the small town of Picayune, MS. It was there that he and his family fell upon rough times, and Jerone dropped out of high school. Sometime later, Jerone was able to enroll into Solano Community College in Northern California, in which he broke school rushing records as a player on the college’s football team. The once ‘drop-out’ became an inductee into the school’s Football Hall of Fame.

    He accepted a full-ride scholarship from Arizona State University for football and was selected by the Los Angeles Rams. Frequently, as Jerone talks to youth, he retells his story and his example of how the American Dream can be achieved.

  • Garland Favorito
    Garland Favorito
    Co-founder, Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia

    Garland Favorito co-founded Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA). Garland is a career Information Technology (IT) professional with over 40 years of in-depth experience and over 17 years of volunteer research into electronic voting systems. He also serves as a volunteer Elections Director for the Constitution Party of Georgia.

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